Impact Fixed Income

RGP Impact Fixed Income Portfolio:

  • Help finance businesses and projects that have a positive impact on the environment and society
  • Leverage the knowledge or world-class institutional managers

It’s not only companies that issue bonds to finance their activities. Corporations and Governments (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) will both issue bonds to finance key projects and initiatives.

A bond is a fixed-income security that allows an organization to borrow money from bondholders. In exchange, the bondholders receive an interest payment.

What’s a Sustainability Bond?

A Sustainability Bond is a type of bond where the proceeds are used strictly to finance environmental and/or social projects.

The Rise in Sustainability Bonds

Did you know that sustainability bonds are being used more frequently in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investments?

Another type of ESG bond is becoming more common in the ESG universe: bonds to support sustainable development. In exchange for a formal commitment to improve their environmental and social balance sheet, the borrower gains access to capital at an advantageous interest rate.

The Important of Impact with Fixed-Income

The impact of bonds in Responsible Investing is often understated. Responsible Investing is primarily associated with equities – but consider the following:

  1. The global bond market is more than double the size of the stock market
  2. Unlike stocks, which can be held in perpetuity, bonds have a maturity date, which means that organizations have to return to the market to renew their financing
  3. This type of investment can influence the practices of companies, but also other kinds of organizations, like governments
  4. Bond financing makes it possible to move forward with many leading-edge environmental and social projects by providing easier access to capital at a lower cost

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Examples of projects the fund helps support:

The above chart shows the performance of the Addenda Impact Fixed-Incompe Fund Fund as a reference. All data is provided by Addenda Capital Inc. The management mandate given by the manager RGP Investments to the sub-manager Addenda differs from the Addenda Fixed Income Impact Pooled Fund. Its performance should not be confused with the performance of the RGP Impact Fixed Income Fund.

Meet our Managers

Examples of projects the fund helps support:

The graph above presents, for reference purposes, the performance of the Optimum Heritage ESG Universe Bond. ll data are provided by Optimum Asset Management Inc. The management mandate entrusted by the manager RGP Investments to the sub-manager Optimum differs from that of Optimum Heritage ESG Universe Bond. Its performance should not be confused with the performance of the RGP Impact Fixed Income Fund.

Meet our Managers

Examples of projects the fund helps support:

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