Responsible Investing

What is Responsible Investing?

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A Brief History of Responsible Investing:

The 3 Pillars of Responsible Investing


Climate Risk

Scarcity of Natural Resources

Pollution and waste


Issues related to Work and Product Reliabilty

Risks to Data Security

Opposition from Stakeholders


Corporate Governance

Quality and efficiency of boards of directors

Diversity and equality

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations

They are aligned with all three factors related to Responsible Investment: Environment, Social, and Governance.

No compromise on performance

FALSE: In fact, organizations that adopt practices in line with responsible investing outperform.

The growing popularity of responsible investing

86 %

of Canadian investors are interested in responsible investments

82 %

of Canadian investors would like to dedicate a portion of their portfolio to responsible investments

77 %

of Canadian investors agree that companies with good ESG practices are better long-term investments

Morgan Stanley 2019

The capital flowing into responsible investments has seen exponential growth in recent years